Wednesday, August 1

Musical Medley

It's another night where good music and good company are the only cure.

I slept until I felt better, lined up a few jobs in about two weeks, and the cats were introduced to one another. It was... Well, it's done. Not the worst case but not the best by any stretch. However, these are the cards we're dealt and gotta just work with them now.

There was also a brief meeting of the dog and the kitten through the sliding glass door that was not all that great either. This is going to be an interesting time in our lives.

I hope you enjoy these medleys as much as I do. They made me wanna just belt out to the world. Sometimes singing my heart out feels like purging my feelings, so this is probably what I'm going to be doing a lot of over the next few days while my life and motivations are reset.

Kurt Schneider, Max Schneider, and Elizabeth Gillies's Cover of 
"Somewhere Only We Know" by Keane.

Kurt Schneider, Max Schneider, and Victoria Justice's
Bruno Mars Medley
 (Just the Way You Are - Marry You - Nothin' On You - Grenade - Lighters - It Will Rain - The Lazy Song - Billionaire - Young, Wild, & Free)

The Behind the Scenes of the Bruno Mars Medley

How They Did It: Map of Bruno Mars Medley

 Kurt Schneider, Max Schneider, and Victoria Justice's
Maroon 5 Medley
(Moves Like Jagger - Makes Me Wonder - Payphone - She Will Be Loved - Sunday Morning - Won't Go Home Without You - Misery - This Love)

I love watching and learning from things like this.
The Behind the Scenes of the Maroon 5 Medley.

 Pretty awesome stuff!

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