Monday, August 20

Another Monday

Big storm that swirled around us during the sunset.

1.) Mood:
Anticipatory. I'm not sure what I'm expecting, but it's something- lol.

2.) What was your favorite board game as a kid?
I loved Mouse Trap, but wish there were alternative setups. I played a lot of Monopoly because it seemed more involved than other games and I was never good.

3.) Do you like your current hairstyle/color?
I'm fine with my color because it's my natural one, but I really need a trim and to thin it out significantly.

4.) Current nail polish:
Still bare. Wanted to have a fun color for my birthday, but was too sick to do anything.

5.) When is the last time you went to a theme park?
The last time was with my family a year ago. Oye, I need to finish scrapbooking that. If Disney Quest counts, then that or Hollywood Studios.

6.) Current outfit:
Relaxing around the humid house means cotton shorts and a Mountain Dew tee in the new "vintage" style.

7.) You're at a movie theatre... what snack do you get?
Buttered popcorn with Skittles or Junior Mints.

8.) What is one makeup tip you wish you knew 2 years ago?
Using a brush to apply my foundation. Plus, how to clean subsequent dirty brushes.

9.) What is a really classic/popular movie you have never seen?
The Godfather. I've seen chunks, but I'm a scaredy-cat like that.

10.) Weekly goals:
Sleep more consistently, update the garden tab here on the blog, and getting a dozen scrapbook pages done.

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