Thursday, August 9

Let's Get Weird

The last few nights have been full of good conversations.

Been super hot during the day, kids weren't even allowed to go out on the playground in the afternoon. Rough day for me and after raging to whomever would listen for a solid two hours- the all-nighter I accidentally pulled hit me.

And now I'm as close as I am going to get to being punch-drunk since I don't drink. In the past fifteen minutes I have been sitting at my laptop, wearing my headset, listen to YT videos, and realized I said "WHEEEE!" and even started yowling like a whiny cat. For no apparent reason. I think that's a littler weird even more because there was no context and it was only 6:30pm. >_>

Needless today, armed with this internet machine- I've re-stumbled very close to "the weird part of YouTube". That dark side where you can never "un-see" what you somehow managed to find while watching something completely harmless and very much unrelated. It seriously gets weird, bro.

I'm still in the really weird but not traumatic part. However, some of the follow videos I  am going to share may eat their way into your soul and/or brain. You have been vaguely warned. Also, they are all by Andrew Huang of SongsToWearPantsTo. I posted one of his collabs before. He's really creative with mashing up super different genres of music in unexpectedly good ways. It's truly amazing the work he's done in the last several years.


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