Saturday, September 15


The yarn stash has had a decent dent put into it in the past two weeks. The rest of my personal projects, not so much, lol. Lots of new patterns experimented in and here is one of them:

 Tiny Cactus in progress and inside-out. LOL.
It's finished and funny-looking in a very cute and excited way.

I was talking to my mom recently and I guess there was something about me turning 25 years old last month that must have suddenly gotten her to think that if I don't marry soon, I'm going to die alone. Oh yes, lol.

This is quite the difference from about a month earlier than that when she was reasoning with me that there was no point in getting married unless I was ready to have children and then proceeded to ask me to promise not to make her a grandmother for another few years.

A bit of background about my personal choices: I really want to be a loving wife and mother. I always have. I also do not want to bring children into the world if I don't feel that I can provide for them. So, with how my life has turned out presently, kids are not in the picture at all. 

I've been with the SO (my significant other) for over four years now. So, it's "pretty serious" as some of the ladies put yesterday. We've discussed issues like this since before we started dating because we didn't want to waste our time pursuing anything romantic if we were not on the same page fundamentally.

Needless to say, this conversation with my mom (as many of them are now that I'm more of an adult than ever) was very amusing. We both know that she knows me better than that, but the fact is that the concept of me living the life of an old maid has invaded her brains so much lately, that she just had to talk to me in length about the matter to be verbally reassured. 

I would love to be married right now. I always thought I would be married at age 23 and starting a family by 25 years of age. Yes, I am a little sad that things didn't work out that way, but such is life and modern expectations and circumstances. It's one of those instances that I agree that it is hard to miss what you never had. An idea/ ideal has died, but I realized it was dying for a while now, so mourning it's absence isn't all that bad.

My mother and I joked about taking a girls only vacation next year with my cousins and aunts to find me a husband overseas in her native country. Being an American should assure that I'd get my pick of the litter or something. While that is so not happening if I have anything to do with it, it is hilarious. My comeback was threatening to march downtown and obtain a marriage license in a courtroom between the phone call we were having and the next. She knows I would do something like that too.

That would take away the wedding I want to create for myself and my mate plus the one that she wants to invite her friends to that I do not want to participate in. Another story almost entirely, lol. I just wonder how the new digits attached to my age turned the tide so much in her thoughts on the matter. What's so different about 22-23-24-25? 

I realize that I'm am a old maid culturally-speaking but um... I'm a young American-born female with no children in a steady and serious relationship for a few years now. That's kind of the norm here if you ignore "reality" television. I don't know if I wasn't as concerned about it because I was truly at peace with how life has panned out in that respect or if it was I was in some sort of denial. 

Things that are semi-out of the blue that are on my mind as of late. :P

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