Friday, September 7

TGIF (Mostly)

I am glad that it is the weekend. I really am.

It was a bit of a rough day, still am having trouble sleeping, and then I found out that I've been working for a grand total of (as a friend would call it) "Free Ninety-Nine." There is a miscommunication about paperwork processing and yeah. My next paycheck is going to be miniscule. Which pretty much sucks. Hoping that the back pay will be honored by the end of the month.

More yarn work but I've been struggling to stay awake until a decent bedtime. That means lots of miscounting and redoing- which is not fun. More work on communication cards was also done. Errands were run and I'm too tired to remember what else right now.

This is our poor kitty cat hiding and heavily sulking in his despised carrier at the vet's office. Poor baby.
Insect we found on top of the doghouse on the porch. At least two inches long/ tall.

You can almost count this praying mantis' pores. If it had any...

The recently harvested Serranos. Only one was red when they were picked and now we have to rotate them every few hours to avoid too much discoloration.

 That is the biggest Big Boy Tomato we have. Pretty tiny instead of the one pound fruit it's supposed to be. :( Those are three cherry tomatoes that ripened on the vine. They are almost full grown.

So, things are getting mildly exciting in the garden. Just vaguely.

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