Friday, September 28


Today has been full of activities.

FMIL and I got to sleep in an extra hour, had breakfast out and about, and checked out the local farmer's market that was just opening. That was really fun to get a preview and we picked up a few things that were full of local character and charm. Then, we finally moseyed into school about two hours later than normal.

It was a grading day, so no students, but I went in anyways to help my supervisor get organized and caught up. We've never really had the chance to convene and plan out what goes on since I started working there so suddenly. I didn't volunteer as much but rushed home to take care of some errands since today was also pay day! Hooray!

I wanted to get them done and squared away so I could come home and get ready for my sister-in-law (SIL)'s birthday/cocktail party. We finalized and collected all the pieces of her gift while delving into the dangerous abyss of picking an outfit and trading clothes/ accessories. We've often come early to help set up and cook but she had an out-of-town guest who was co-birthday girl.

Tons of finger foods to choose from and it was great mingling with new people and familiar faces. What a nice way to kick off the season and our fall break!

Still trying hard to keep my temper in check, let negativity go, take care of business, and enjoy the many blessings in my life. Gonna map out my week's worth of activities in the morning.

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