Wednesday, September 12

Personalized Present

A few days ago a special package arrived.

It was my birthday box from my best friend and her sister! Who is pretty much my sister too, lol. I was so happy to be able to see them during my last trip to Florida last May.

It had been years and that was super odd because I lived with my best friend for a few years and we'd regularly take weekend trips to visit her sister. I've have Skype dates with them a lot this past year as part of our mission to keep in touch more.

We're pretty certain that whenever either one of us finally settle down, the other one will gravitate and there's a high chance we'll become neighbors again. Some day, some how.

Where was I?

Right. My presents! I didn't open it until we started a Skype date as is becoming a tradition. Here's what was inside!

The Card is soooo freakin' cute! It's made with different mediums and I love that kind of stuff! That's probably why Blue's Clues is one of my favorite shows of all time. No lie. The matching envelope is super cute as well.

Moving clockwise, Jake the Dog and Finn the Human from ADVENTURE TIME! My brother and I- well, all four of us, really- love this show! The pilot was super trippy but we adore it now. The marathons we've had. I've Skyped with my family and my brother just stuck his laptop in front of their TV and I watched an episode I hadn't seen yet while they ate dinner. Jake has Velcro on his arms and legs. Teehee. I figure that my brother, for once, will try to steal these the next time I see him. He flipped out when I texted him a picture of them.

Those ice cream and cupcake treats are actually puzzle erasers! Each layer can be separated and I've started to see these in the classroom treasure boxes and love them! I never ever ever want to use them to erase my numerous mistakes! It's a good thing that I like to sketch in pen, much to my best friend's chagrin. I may have the biggest sweet tooth out of the three of us, but we definitely go nuts when we're baking together.

There's a gift card to Target, which is one of my favorite stores of all time and it's one of the nearest stores to me. When we lived together, we adored shopping and buying home goods and holiday decorations there for our first apartment. It makes me really miss those time while anticipating doing that again for my next apartment.

Those Skittles. This picture was taken tonight and I got this package on Monday. That bag is almost gone and I'm slightly ashamed. The colors do not match the flavors because it's a bag of confusion! Well, they call it "Skittle Riddles". The colors are red, blue, teal, lime green, and pink while the flavors are everything red. Or rather apple, strawberry, raspberry, punch, and watermelon.

FMIL and I spent a good 15 minutes on webcam trying to figure out the flavor-color combinations. I think we got it, but I guess I shouldn't spoil it. It was much harder than I thought it would be. Good way of getting people to buy the other themed bags so they could taste them within the typical context.

The story behind Skittles is that I wouldn't say they were my favorite but, for some reason, I drool uncontrollably when I eat them. Like a Golden Retriever. It's disgusting and hilarious. My best friend's sister and my brother actually suffer from this as well. Even when I start to talk about them, I start salivating. I can't read something on my lap, talk, and eat a Skittle at the same time. Dribbling. Everywhere. I'm drooling now, sigh.

It just made me so happy because they know me so well. I don't want to put any of it away because I keep looking at it all. Alas, I have to head to bed.

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