Sunday, September 9

Project Proof

I keep watching the Vlogbrothers and I'm on year two right now. It's motivating me to decrease World Suck and make the best out of any situation by taking advantage of the fact that I am made of Awesome. You have to watch at least some of the videos to understand why I'm proud to be a nerdfighter now.

I think the key for me is to start off small- by decreasing the amount of suck around me. Helped with dishes, did tons of laundry, tried to be more conscious of turning lights off when I left the area, and worked even harder to use up my stash of yarn to make gifts for others.

Maybe this kind of attitude and peer group with such acceptance are just what I need to get me out of this funk that I've been struggling through recently.

This is a spider web slouch hat that I tried to make. Hats and my head do not get along well, but hey! It turned out cool enough!

Another Moebius scarf in "Grey Heather"...
... and "Autumn Red". At least, I'm pretty darn sure it's that color.

Work with me on this one, I used up my eyeballs so I haven't finished this one just yet.

 It's a barrel cactus and about 4.5 inches tall. I didn't realize that at first and thought it'd be a fun mini gift. Great experiment, nonetheless.
FMIL texted me to come quietly into the living room to see how the kitten was sleeping. He did wake up when she started to whisper to me, but I still caught this moment. He's such a wet noodle.

As frustrating or mundane as life may get, I am remembering to take a deep breath, a mini step back (that's all I've managed to do so far- still working on it), and to capture these kinds of moments because I'd regret it down the road. What with my terrible memory and all. These are things I'd like to look at to spark the memories of everything else, even the sucky parts. Because it's all a part of life.

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