Monday, September 24

Not Bad

That sums up my feelings for today. I was expecting Monday to punch me in the face and it didn't! Awesome!

Along the lines of being determined not to let the work blues take over my life, I've taken some steps to keep feeling productive after hours. I sent my cousin a birthday card (it'll probably reach her a day late but better than never!), I've compiled the first draft of notes that I would like to record in the monthly scrapbook layouts, I've compiled all but two months of garden notes, sent messages to my friends on FB to make sure their addresses are current before I send off holiday cards, and I made a ton of mini Flat Stanleys.

That later project took a lot more time than I thought it was going to, but it may have been because I zoned out while doing it. I hand-colored more than 20 little paper dolls to send to my friends. I hope that they can take a few pictures of him where they live so I could compile an awesome book while keeping up with their own adventures. Cute idea once you get used to it. :P

I also talked with my mom about her reviewing the files I sent her about the scrapbook and she gave me the green light to get it printed! Will probably wait until after payday and a few other things are taken care of first. Freaking out a little bit that no one else is taking a thorough look at this document before its a tangible thing! AHHH!!! *deep breath* It's okay. I've put a lot of hard work into it and the nice thing is that it will be DONE. That's the important part right? So what if some of the pictures will come out lackluster or that my grammar is subpar? That's not a big deal, right? Oye.

Think I should go before I become hysterical or something just as ridiculous.

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