Wednesday, September 26

Not Slowly

I came home early today instead of volunteering. There was an intention of catching up on some sleep (though it's been improving greatly) but that was a complete joke.

We also tried a new slow cooker recipe and, in my opinion, it was lackluster. It was a Sesame Beef recipe that I found here. I guess it was still decent for minimal effort and just being food. I'm not sure why I have the expectation of amazing deliciousness whenever we home cook food.

Suppose there's my mother's amazing home-cooking and I keep forgetting how talented she is at it. She's the type of person who can taste a new dish and know exactly everything that was used in it and probably how it was cooked.Even when I can pry a recipe out of her, I'm lucky if it comes out edible let alone recognizable. Let's not talk about the time it takes for me to cut a tomato. It's truly pathetic.

Oh, and I have been spoiled by modern Western over-saturation of artificial flavors. 

I did get a chance to hang out with some friends because of coming home early. It's been... well, ever since I started my job, lol. While that was pretty nice in its own odd way, it was because I couldn't get back to sleep. Not sure if today's lack of patience bred with yesterday's crankiness, but I am one giant squid of anger today. Nerdfighter reference. : )

I don't want to be this angry at everything, I really don't. Yes, I know things aren't always going to go my way, that I can't control everything (simply incapable of doing so!), and I know life isn't a basket of smelly roses. No matter what I do to take a step back and breath, my short fuse is ever present. Then, I'm suddenly focusing on the most minute negative details and becoming furious. The best thing I can think do to now is to just keep to myself in a corner until I figure out something that works.

However, I'm afraid that I'm just a ticking time bomb waiting to explode and there's no one around me in my life right now that deserve the kind of nasty treatment I can dish out with no qualms.

Maybe I should go and do some deep breathing until I get light-headed or something.

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