Monday, September 10

Monday Questionnaire

 This was taken last month after a catnip-induced stupor from his beloved giraffe-mouse. However, we did check-in with his vet again today and confirmed that they had only given us half of the antibiotics our kitty needed to treat his Upper Respiratory Infection. Picked it up and he's again reluctantly letting us give him the banana-smelling stuff.

1.) Mood:
Slightly more positive and awake than I thought I would be. 

2.) What are you looking forward to most today?
I'm looking forward to laying down today. Didn't get much sleep last night. Other than that I'm expecting a package from my best friend and her sister. That would lead to a Skype date!

3.) Someone is bringing you breakfast in bed, what is on the perfect tray?
A super cheesy omelette, bowl of sweet cereal with milk, and buttered toast sprinkled with sugar. Super healthy- not really at all. >_< Oh! A cute little note would be so perfect!

4.) Current nail polish:
I actually have a color on this time! Finally put one on last night: OPI's "Ate Berries at the Canaries". It's described on their website as a "cool fuchsia".

5.) Where do you keep your handbag when you are home?
Often next to me on the table or on top of the printer that's right inside my bedroom door. Yeah, we really do not have enough storage space in our little space. Can't wait to stretch out one day and give everything it's own space.

6.) Current outfit:
A fuchsia tank top with lace on the v-neckline, dark gray yoga pants, and a short-sleeved knit sweater that ties in the front in a dark khaki color. Regular black sneakers for work.

7.) If you could try on any celeb's hairstyle for a day, whose would you choose?
I have to go look up some celebrity hairstyles now, sigh. I would love to try the long wavy hair of someone like Sofia Vergara or the casual country up-do that Taylor Swift/ Carrie Underwood/ Reese Witherspoon can sport.

8.) Do you sleep with your bedroom door open or closed?
I prefer closed and locked, but with our sweet cat we keep it ajar so he can come and go as he pleases. Just a sign of how much I love him.

9.) What is the last beauty product you finished?
Foundation. It's bad because I have more than one of the same foundation that are in use from when I kept one back at my folks' house. Then, I was sent more in a care package from my mom.

10.) Weekly goals:
So many. My biggest personal goals are to finish embellishing, proofing-reading, and sending the summer vacation scrapbook in digital form to my folks; sorting through my monthly receipts; a monthly scrapbook layout; and some garden monthly catch-up. Apparently, monthly goals do not work out for me, LOL. 

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