Sunday, September 2

Seasonal Sketches

Caught up on a lot of much needed rest today. So, while some of the bigger (more tedious) chores were put off, I had a few more things done.

One of those was crocheting a few more owls for my college roommate's new classroom. I had made a pair for her and her husband (also a former roommate) that she recently brought into her owl-themed classroom. I saw pictures of them online in her new setup and learned that her students loved them. I cannot wait for her to see this next batch! I'll post pictures once they are on their way.

I spent the rest of my free time seriously planning out this year's cards. Namely, it's design- which you know, I never share before they are sent out. :) I have settled on the colors, stamp set, and the rough list of recipients, but the final design will be me a price point. Oof. I think I shall settle on one by tomorrow so I know what I should save up for.

In the meantime, the SO and I have begun to worry about our kitty's health. His voice has become hoarse and we'll be making an appointment ASAP. Go figure that it's time for his annual exam too. Praying that our baby doesn't have anything super serious.

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