Saturday, September 8


I know I had ambitious plans for myself this weekend. Most of them will have to wait until tomorrow.

I feel like a slug today.

Today wasn't a complete waste. I have finished a few little projects, but I'll take the pictures of them tomorrow. Worked on some more PECS cards, dug out my book of 100 Christmas songs, and depleted much of my reserves of patience. However, I have calmed down my worrying over seasonal planning.

That may be because enough time has passed or that I may just be very tired. Or both.

Something that I've been working on is watching nearly every single Vlogbrothers video from the beginning while I work. I feel smarter and more validated as the person I am and haven't even finished the Brotherhood 2.0 year yet. Really loving being a nerdfighter.

By biggest nerdy moment today was managing to straighten my hair while wearing a headset. Didn't even burn myself or the plastic sitting on my head! Woohoo! LOL.

Going to get to bed, set an alarm to wake up earlier tomorrow, and load up on coffee so I can get more things done. Like laundry. Oh, laundry.

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