Friday, September 21


I wasn't sure what I wanted to write about tonight, but after going through my current routine of stimulating my mind and soul by watching more Vlogbrother videos from over the years, one suddenly touched a raw nerve.

It has some strong language in it, so you've been warned.

Hank is hardly ever this angry and upset during his vlogs, so this really struck home with me because I try to emulate the patience and understanding people like him often show the world. However, I am human (and an angsty/ angry one at that) and that means I mess up a lot.

There is probably never a good reason to be mean. Even if people or life is mean to you first. It's what we're supposed to teach the kids I see everyday. I say that I believe in the mantra of "Treat others how you want to be treated" as I struggle with the schism within myself because of the deep mean streak I have accepted within myself. 

Am I being hypocritical, honest, both, or something else?

I cannot stand watching what politics have turned into in our society but I know staying involved is important. I cannot stand to watch the dramas unfold on social media platforms. I cannot stand seeing a friend that I care about who I believe is a genuinely caring, bright, and sweet individual being humiliated every day when she's doing her best. 

But what have I done about it? I used to just sit and fume in resentful silence. In the past few years, I have followed the procedures and spoken out. I have also learned to do my best to stay away from those kinds of environments and how to keep that negativity out of my life. However, the biggest action I've been able to take is to show an outpouring of love and support for those affected.

It's really senseless how people can treat one another and I'm sure that involves a good hard look at oneself to figure out why and what can be done about it.

Man, I am going to stew in bed for a while tonight before getting any sleep. All I can say now is TGIF.

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