Tuesday, September 4

Garden Vlog & Our Kitty

It's been a little while since my last garden post and it's on my list of things to make time to catch up on. That list is extensive, as usual, lol.

Started practicing a new gift idea craft today and I need to control my timing. Yeah, that ridiculously detailed schedule that I need to write up for myself has yet to come to fruition.

We also took the poor kitty to his vet appointment today. For now, we're going to treat it as an Upper Respiratory Infection. While he's been lethargic and his eating and drinking have declined, he was only slightly dehydrated which was a huge relief. At least it didn't completely aggravate his kidney issues.

He didn't require the steroid shot, but we are treating him with antibiotics for a few days. This time around has been the most difficult. We'll figure out a better method soon, possibly swaddling him. That should be an adventure and a half.

If I'm extremely late with my post tomorrow, it's because it is hard to type with what mangled fingers I have left.

Here are the videos:

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