Thursday, September 6

The Planning

It may be the delirium and anticipation talking, but the plans are starting to get out of control.

I suddenly want to stock up on a bunch of handmade yarn gifts, tons of handmade cards, to try out new recipes again (stopped sometime over the summer), throw a get-together or two, finish updating blog shenanigans, work heavily on my monthly double-paged scrapbook layouts, finish that family scrapbook, start on more scrapbook ideas based on everyday living, and I'm to tired right now to remember what else.

I could dedicated entire weekends and vacations to each of these projects!

Oh, let's not forget the holiday decorating around the house too. And my increasingly infamous Christmas card project. That one sounds easy-peasy now that the planning is done. For once, the execution of a project is incredibly efficient and simple. I'd like to attribute it to learning from past mistakes over the last three years, but who knows?

Hey! That's an idea for a future blog post- a review of the holiday cards I've made over the past few years.

I need to stop before I get myself into anymore trouble. I cannot wait for tomorrow being Friday and starting on some of these projects this weekend! I should probably load up on caffeine and try to get as much done as possible.

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