Thursday, September 20

That List

The list I'm referring is almost always the "To-Do" one.

Not enjoying the feeling/ attitude of working my butt off during the day that starts early and coming home thinking I have no energy to do anything else anymore. Not acceptable.

Can't help but take on all sorts of intensive projects at work and while a lot of it is actually volunteering, I've justified my efforts  by thinking it would prepare me for a full-time job. Maybe. :(

However, submitting to that worn-out attitude neglects the things I love because it brings me personal happiness. This includes talking to friends or working on crafts, and that's on top of maintaining a safe environment to exist in.

The obvious answers would be to get better sleep (I have improved my sleep schedule so much in the past two weeks even though the means makes me emotionally unhappy), eat healthier, and exercise in a more formal manner.

Sorry, I get really tired around 9:30pm and now I'm solidly delirious. So happy for the weekend coming up! I can't believe another week has flown by, but I don't want all of the hours within it to crawl, but I want my personal hours to be more fulfilling and productive. My sentences are way too long. :(

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