Sunday, September 30

Planning For Fall

The supplies for this years Christmas cards have been ordered and we're planning a little get-together for some solid card-making this weekend.

Guess that means my workspace should be cleared... sigh. Just came to that realization. It's an abyss of numerous projects.

It's time to catch up on a lot of chores now that I've caught up on rest. I'm doing some e-management work for a friend this week, plan to switch out my wardrobe to cooler weather clothes, organize and clean out one of the spare rooms for guest-use with the holidays coming up, and hope to do some more prep work for my garden blog notes and monthly scrap layouts.

Typing it out makes it not sound like much, but I'm sure I could dedicate the entire week to each of these tasks and yet will try to do them all at the same time instead. Why does this already sound like a disaster?

Because I can't just sit (while reading or reviewing footage) and do nothing, I have kept my hands busy with some new yarn! Wanted to share the pretty colors that I got because they made me think of great fall/ winter accessories or for another cute idea that's a spin-off of a part project.

Celestial - Soft Blue
Chocolate - Sage

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