Monday, January 16


Hi hi!

Well, we did go to the botanical garden today, but only for lunch. Dreary weather had made its way here late yesterday afternoon and began to continuously rain lightly. While a little rain doesn't really hurt, our friends had been driving and walking nearly nonstop for the past few days all over the northern part of the state such as the Painted Desert. So, missing out on a walk through the park was not terrible.

We had lovely conversation over lunch and shared pictures. They had pictures to show of their recent travels and adventures while my folks had sent me pictures of themselves to show and I printed out recent pictures of the front and back yards of their newly renovated home.

These two great ladies had the SO and I do something really interesting at the end of the visit. They had a new deck of angel cards (one has had them for years, but recently retired that deck and started to give some of the pieces away as gifts) and we decided to pull three of each. I'm often very open to taking leaps in exploring spirituality in a healthy manner so felt that number was right. Our two friends had already pulled about five each recently and had them written down. The SO and I alternated picking cards, shared which we got as we went, wrote them down, and talked about them.

Personally, I pulled: "Exploration", "Balance", and "Forgiveness". We discussed if we had recently accomplished any of our lessons/ concepts or whether we knew why they were pulled. I totally understand why I pulled mine. With how accurate my various readings have been lately, I'm kind of ruing the universe for being so blatant, lol. You...*shakes fists*. 

I've had quite the wanderlust since I moved out of my folks' home to go to college and it's only gotten stronger in the past two years. I feel that with where I'm at in my life right now, it's a great time for me to travel and explore our country. A few years of living in different states could be a great experience and then we can settle down in a place that we know for sure is right for the family we want to start. I just even like the concept of exploring one's own town. Hence my occasional spontaneous walks to nowhere. Now if I could just learn how to find my way back home on my own, we'd be set. XD

How much more can I talk about streamlining and finding a balance in my life between all of my projects and responsibilities this year? Even you guys know why I would get that kind of sign, lol. That's what I'm trying to be all about. Heck, that's what most of us should try being all about!

Forgiveness. You all would know about this too. The past few months I have been so angry at so many things. I keep saying that I'm a vindictive person but not many people have seen it or believe me. I don't really forget nor do I really forgive. What I have done is to forgive enough to give someone another chance or to be civil with them, but they should never think I'm fully past what has been done. I'm not sure if I ever will be because if I forgot history or habits, they are doomed to happen again and well, "Fool me once and shame on you- fool me twice and shame on me." I don't think my ultimate action is necessarily a bad way to go, but I have not reached that point yet with current happenings. Maybe that's what the card was referring.

I really should have brought my Animal Medicine Cards. These dear ladies would have been so great to learn about on that level. It was probably for the best though because we didn't have a terrible amount of time to casually visit.

All in all, it was a really pleasant time and I don't have the pictures I thought I was going to have to show. :P We almost forgot to take a picture (it's been two years since we were last all together!) until one of them ran after us in the parking lot. Shame on all of us for almost letting that chance slip by, lol.

I hope you have had a wonderful long weekend and have been able to celebrate the gifts of equality and peace (no one is saying that they're perfect, but we have it pretty darn good in many respects) with genuinely good company.

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