Friday, January 27

Cozy Gifts

The school that I volunteer and work at has an annual Spaghetti Dinner & Raffle. It's coming up next Friday. Families and staff donate the ingredients for the dinner, volunteer to cook it, donate items to go into baskets that are often themed by classroom, and then come to enjoy a warm meal and have fun entering a raffle for the items. All to raise money for the school, of course.

Last year, FMIL's classroom chose scrapbooking as their theme and the donations went all out. Stickers of all sorts, markers, pens, albums, papers, and more. This year, I've volunteered to help wrap up all of these donations and FMIL's volunteered (like she does every year) to take a shift in cooking and/or serving the dinner. The classroom has donated more food items while she and I contributed some knit and crochet projects to the classroom basket. It has a warm, cozy, and snuggly sort of theme between what we put in, girl scout cookies that have come into season, evaporated milk, and I think there's a themed storybook that's being hunted down. I think it's a cute concept.

These were from my gift stash that I was starting to build a few weeks ago but I can share them now that I know they are going to a new home! That and I remembered to take pictures this time. :P

Lime Scarf!
It looks the same from the front to the back.


Pepperoni Pizza Scarf!
The numerous pepperonis are in different spots on the back.

Cupcake Hat!
This one FMIL actually made and the yarn has iridescent glitter on it.

These are all from the same book and when the current craziness dies down a little, I'm going to make a new scarf to add to my gift stash. I cannot wait! I hope that whomever wins this basket has fun with these items.

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