Sunday, January 15


It's a super weird feeling to have posts scheduled to go live on my other blog.

Must be a combination of having enough material to fill posts and being used to doing this the day of here. I've made sixteen and a half cards lately (not sure if I'm going to finish that last one. It's not turning out the way I wanted) and that includes two sets of five. Even managed to get them all photographed, uploaded to my computer, renamed, and watermarked. Weird. What is this person I'm becoming? Maybe I shouldn't question it a terrible amount and jinx it. :P

What I have started to slack on is cleaning up as I go. At least when it comes to crafting. Especially when I know I'm going to be working on a particular project over the next few days... Yeah, I'm not going to take a picture of the dining table I've commandeered. No, we don't use it often with our schedules. It is littered with card stock, adhesives, stamps, ink pads, catalogs, homework, and documents I need for doing my taxes this year. Oye, lol.

I forget from time to time that I'm terrible at stamping. XD As craft-oriented as I can be, I merely have my enthusiasm going for me. Stamping and painting are two things that I have learned that as much as I enjoy the concept of, I am really not good at them. I've read up on tons of tips and watched numerous tutorials and I can only get mediocre results. Eh, I have plenty of other things that I can manage, ha ha.

Feeling a headache develop at the thought of clearing this all up tonight. Well, that's what I get for being a madwoman. That's okay though, I think I have enough projects made to last me for a while. It'll be nice to have a flat surface for at least a week until I get the final attendance numbers for my workshop and need to prepare the materials. Maybe I can use this need to clear everything as incentive towards starting back on another task. Hmm... what to choose from?

Oye, what is going on with my mindset? It's a mixture of cockiness and flippancy. I'm pretty sure those are words... I guess it's just the side of the bed that I woke up on today. Fortunately, it was peaceful enough around here that I was able to channel that energy into being productive. Yay, me!

Bah. I need to get these table done and get to bed early for our brunch date tomorrow across town.

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