Monday, January 2

In Addition To

I have this weird feeling that I want to blog at least a little bit everyday again for another year.

It has been so fulfilling looking back and seeing where I've been and how I've felt, to remember that it does get better, and remind myself that I have grown and made progress. Just not exactly in the ways that I had planned or ever expected.

Journaling or blogging as it is now has always brought me comfort and while I won't be as strict as I was the last time, I think this is a resolution I would like to add to my simple (-ish) list.

The room revamp has been completed as of a few hours ago. We got a magnetic dry erase board to stick to the side of the new pantry unit for memos and coupons, a big clippable LED lamp to light up my faux vanity corner, and mirror that I hung up myself. It feels so good to reduce my chances of looking like a clown in the mornings when I put my makeup on in the dark.

It's totally back to dorm-style living for me now. At least I know how to do it right this time around. I also put in foam stoppers to keep the doors on the unit from making too much noise. It makes me cringe with doors and drawers are slammed, something that also drove my parents up the wall. Oh! And I installed magnetic closures to make sure that the uneven cheap doors stay shut too. :D Handy handy me.

I'm just so proud of how this major project was started and completed efficiently and effectively. Goes along with my major goal to FOCUS! It's not perfect but it should do us well for now. This renovation afford an effort foot of walking space between it and my bed as well as back towards the dresser piece. So much roomier! I can pace while talking on the phone now. XD I'm weird. You either can't stop me from being a slug or my restlessness will make you go insane.

Oh! The SO also took me to World Market today. It's a big store that offers various goods like furniture, snacks, wines, and home d├ęcor from various other countries. I went with the intention of finding paper lanterns for the upcoming Lunar New Year (it's Monday, January 23rd this year). FMIL is going to bring one into the classroom to share during that lesson unit and I was hoping to hang one during the dinner we're planning to have with friends the night before. I'm excited to share that with everyone and have planned a meal of fresh spring rolls with my mother's help via cellphone. 

It's a time that has made me homesick each year since I moved out to go to college. I only need to be a little goofy to celebrate it: maybe dress up a little, have some Chinese food, try to do something arts and crafty to decorate my place a little, etc. This year's celebration will be the most complete if I can pull of this meal for everyone. Crap. Now, I'm more nervous than excited, lol.

Phew, I need to calm down (speaking of focusing XD). We're all in decent health and have been personally productive so far this year- hope I didn't just jinx that!

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