Sunday, January 1

The Resolutions

Happy 2012!

Wow. Where has all the time gone? Not just this year, but in general!

I'm continuously being told that it just speeds up from here on out. If that's the case in less than five years, I'll blink away decades. It kind of freaks me out! The reflective look back of the past year will probably come later today but I'd like to talk about the new and near future.

The past few days we've been resting up and I've been heavily and thoroughly sorting out all of my Stampin' Up! supplies and paperwork. We're going to be hosting a workshop at the end of January and I have begun to accumulate enough inventory to warrant an actual system being implemented. 

New Year's Eve has been pretty smooth sailing. We expected various people to be coming in and out so we had plenty of finger foods out and about after one-third of a day of cleaning. We also partially planned to have a bonfire with s'mores! : )

There was a blip in the plans when we discovered that the champagne and sparkling white grape had exploded because the non-drinker of the household (me) didn't think things through and thought it was okay to keep them in the freezer since we picked them out yesterday. Sigh. The moral of the story is that I don't handle the booze next time/ ever. Lol. Eh, everyone brought plenty of their own preferred drinks anyways. It wasn't an event that particularly missed.

The SO and I spent much of our day bouncing between helping with house prep and rearranging furniture. I decided/ thought of the idea of just taking out my little desk and wheeling chair out of the room, storing it with the rest of my stuff in the garage, and adding a bookcase/ shelving in its place. We hunted down a cheap unit with doors (it's advertised as being a pantry of sorts) and a smaller drawer piece.

That entailed emptying my desk (which I had been mostly used for storage anyways) and all of the storage in the room and going through everything, reorganizing into what stays inside, and then putting it all away. The poor bed was completely covered.

At least I switched out my wardrobe not too long ago and took care of that purging portion already. Thank my lucky stars.

I made it 95% of the way through re-organizing my storage before running out of steam. It has afford much more walking room now! It's kind of tough going from an apartment to yourself to a small bedroom. I am very blessed to have somewhere to rest my head though.

So. Resolutions. I don't often make specific ones, they kind of set me up for failure with how I tend to work. The past few years, I've set a motto or theme of sorts to improve myself as a person. I didn't completely accomplish my life lesson from last year (I don't remember what it was exactly) but I had made significant progress.

This year, I think I'd like it to be all about streamlining my life. Stop freaking out in so many directions as my default setting but streamline my energy and thoughts. Accomplish a few goals at a time instead of making that giant to-do list and freak out when I only get three and a half things done out of thirty. 

A more concrete goal is to scrapbook at least one two-page layout summarizing each month this year. Between how my mind and memory work and how fast I realize that time is flying now, I want to remember what has happened that was relevant to us at the time. If special events happen, they get added and the book is just fuller by the end of the year. Yay! :D

In an ideal world, the SO and I will have fulfilling jobs, be financially stable enough to look into our first home together, and consider starting a family. You know, after a nice little wedding, of course. :P As fairy tale/ normal as it sounds, those ideas are so farfetched for us right now. Le sigh.

Oh my, I should just go to bed before I completely short-circuit my brain. I hope that you all had a wonderful or at least pleasant time ringing in the new year. I'll see you later today with that recap. <3

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