Sunday, January 29

The Pity Factor

Earlier this morning, kitty was being pretty active and wondering what his human-grandma and human-stepmom (me) were doing bustling around the house. She and I were getting ready for potential guests and he had to trot back and forth to keep an eye on the crazy womenfolk.

Everything seemed fine and dandy when he settled in for his usual mid-morning nap until he suddenly got sick on the floor. >_< For the rest of the day he was under the weather and a bit whiny. Poor thing. He really did milk it though. He got super fresh food, refills on his fresh water, any water from the tap that he wanted, tons of attention and pets from everyone, and even a treat when he was feeling better.

Then, he tried to eat some dirt and leaves from every plant in the house. FMIL has a green thumb so there are quite a bit to choose from. We keep the ones that look pretty, are non-native, and are not great for pets in rooms they are not allowed in and keep the doors shut at all times. Supervising a wise kitty is difficult with their ninja ways though and we didn't think potting soil was the best.

So with enough pleading and leading us around the house, we came to the conclusion that he didn't feel 100% better but was just milking the attention at that point. Also taking this chance to campaign hardcore to take a field trip outside. Well, we weren't having any of that. Lol. That's where the line was drawn but that didn't stop him from begging and he hardly ever begs.

It almost got to the point where he was beginning to act uncharacteristically naughty, so his dad (the SO) and I decided to head out and grab him some pet grass from the store because I keep forgetting to start a new batch since the lawn I made has finally died out. It will tide us over for the next few days until my batch sprouts.

Kitty was so incredibly happy that he could do little more than to continuously thank me with rubs and head smashes to the face with tons of purring as he rubbed-marked and licked the grass. He's so sweet and hilarious. He then went to go thank his dad and grandma and every piece of furniture in between. So loved. So humbling. XD

As always since his health scare a year ago, every time he doesn't seem at 100%, it worries the junk out of me. Still keeping vigilant but he seems to be doing much better now with some yummy new grass in his arsenal.

:) That's all from me right now. I spent the day finishing a few things on my to-do list and resting a bit by working on my online photo storage again. More than 800 done and the last of the duplicates deleted! Yay!

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