Monday, January 30


While I haven't become brave enough to vlog just yet, heck I hardly ever video chat anymore (even though I should because it's fun), I wanted to answer Landon Austin's Epic Survey.

1. Phone Call or Text?

I think I prefer phone call. It goes faster even though I've a quick typist. Except times when I do things like write "typer" instead. Sigh. I don't do calls as often as I'd like because of limited minutes but am still an avid texter.

2. Least favorite subject in school?

He said history and I am still terrible at the subject, but I liked trying to learn about it. Maybe because it was closely tied to Social Studies and that still fascinates me. What subject I liked the least was English. I don't enjoy being told how to interpret literature or how to think. I did love reading, getting ideas, and writing though. *Looks around blog...* Oh yeah, still do.

3. Favorite memory from when you were 13?

Wow. This was a turbulent year for me. I'm sure it is for many people, but it was in the midst of my severe depression until I started seeking help the following year. I was in eighth grade and what I immediately recall were the notebooks that a group of friends and I kept. We would rant, ramble, and vent in one notebook and pass it around to everyone else in the circle until it was filled and then start a new one. I actually was able to hold onto two of them all these years. After the mini-reunion we had last year, I let two of the girls have at them to take a walk down memory lane. We were so unabashedly angsty, it's hilarious. I'm sure we'd still feel the same about a lot of these situations but it's just really funny how we expressed it back then. Oh the colorful inks... gel pens were big then too.

4. Favorite game when you were a kid?

I loved Monopoly. I don't think I've ever won a game and I don't even remember finishing one as a kid. Something about all the colors and structure that appeal to me, I guess. I loved the Rube Goldberg device game of Mousetrap. That was friggin' awesome. I played a lot of card games like Goldfish to keep my sanity while waiting in lines at theme parks and for the grown-ups to finish eating and talking during holiday dinners too.

5. What scared you the most when you were young?

Bad guys. The type you hear about on the news. My family always warned me and I'm not the most spatial thinker so I often lack common sense awareness of my surroundings. Getting lost sucked too. And my folks. Nothing like using fear tactics to scare your kid straight or threaten to be severely disappointed at the hint of failure for an Asian child.

6. First crush?

I remember having two "boyfriends" in my first first grade class right before I moved down to Florida. The first one that was actually a full-out crush was this boy that was in the majority of my classes in Elementary school. Very guy next door, eventually became friends with his baby sister in high school. Don't think I ever told him and probably never will. I cried at lunchtime once when someone teased about it and told him. I don't think he believed them since we were decent friends back then. I'm actually friends with the both of them on Facebook. Yeah... that's as far as I'm going to go with that. XD

Well, yay. What an interesting mix of memories. Now I'm not sure how I feel about anything. So many emotions! Lol.

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