Sunday, January 8

Hanging Halo

First off, if you're looking back at some older entries and notice some broken/ missing pictures, it's because I'm painstakingly fixing my online image storage problem.

This means logging onto Picasa, making sure that needless duplicates of images are deleted, cramming the albums full of files so that I have a minimal number of them sitting there, and going through each photo to resize it from +1000 pixels wide to something much more reasonable.

Some time, down the road, I'll go back to all of my older entries and makes sure that the appropriate remaining copy of the picture is linked to this blog. That should be a ton of fun too with my +400 posts. :D I'm nearly certifiably insane for doing this.

This way, I'll regain most of my free allotted storage space. Oof. I've uploaded over a thousand pictures and I do admit that I went way overboard with the pictures and detailed sagas about my gardening. Trust me when I type that it won't happen this year.

Did I also mention that this picture storage is shared across any blog I post on or may create? Oh joy.

That's on top of everything else I've been up to lately. >_< I have a new class starting tomorrow in my quest to become a certified teacher! I am very nervous with a hint of excited to get back on that journey after sorting out a couple of issues. This will put my new resolve towards time management to task. Okay, that just doubled my nervousness. Good job, me.

New topic! XD

The subject of today's post is about... well... my garden. D'oh! The herb planter has been reduced to one plant of each type and lately, the Dill has gone absolutely berserk. This is closely followed by the my Parsley and Cilantro, which look so much alike. I've tried to trim them from time to time in an attempt to tame them and they pretty much just laughed in my face and exploded.

So, I took my new thinning shears and chopped off a few of the more unruly sprigs and brought them in and placed them on large paper towels after a quick rinse. I have no idea whether they are um... ripe(?) enough to use but at that size, they can be used for something! Lol.


After a quick rinse, FMIL suggested that I tie them together and hang them upside down to dry so I got the idea to use an embroidery hoop to suspend them from a ceiling fan we're not really using over the winter. I'm not sure how the kitties are going to resist, lol.
Every time you walk past to go into the back yard, you're greeting by the distinct scent of dill. :P Those flowers at the bottom are two of FMIL's African Violets. She can grow them like a fiend.

I suppose I should add to my to-do list the task of looking up recipes that use up dill. XD We're going to have plenty of it this year.

That's all from me today! I'm going to go slice up my 12x12 patterned paper into the storage-friendly size of 8.5x11. Sigh, lol.

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