Tuesday, January 31

End of January

This month has flown by but for the past few days I feel as if I've at least caught up and am only overwhelmed by current issues.

It's not so much drowning but more floundering? Okay, it's not nearly as terrible as it sounds. I guess I'm trying to say that we're more or less back to normal/typical daily stress, lol.

So I took a look at how I felt at the beginning of the month. Things didn't get much better until the past few days so I'm still in a very tentative state. Part of me feels that if I let my guard down and fully enjoy the good fortune that has come our way, that life will just backhand me hard for getting cheeky. Sigh.

I've done a pretty good job keeping up with the makeover in the room with a few worrisome spots. However, with a free weekend, I'm sure it'll all be taken care of quickly. I'm still working on making a habit of developing (in a reasonable sense) and accomplishing my daily to-do list but have done pretty well when we don't consider the unexpected surprises life tends to throw. In that way, I've managed to surprise myself. XD

Still haven't found a comfortable balance between schoolwork, chores, work, and um... more work. Just trying to make ends meet with on-call jobs. However, I've been keeping up more than ever. "Ever" being in recently recalled memory and that doesn't necessary mean a whole lot, lol.

Oye, I must be much more delirious than I thought given how goofy and disjointed my thoughts are... I just wanted to sum up that so far so good, all things considered, doing better than expected but I'm on the brink of being overwhelmed completely (I'm sure), I still need to scrapbook about January but I did start making a list of events that will be included in the layout, and I only have 350 pictures left to edit online! Woohoo! That means I've done over 1000 (not including the ones I've deleted for whatever reason) so it means a lot to me. After that big step I have the big choice of tackling the task of relinking or fixing the picture links here on the blog OR starting to tackle the epic summer family scrapbook again. I took a break when I realized how screwed up my online picture storage was here. Or rather I freaked out and couldn't focus on anything else for at least two days and then kept on going.

If I'm going to get some sleep tonight, I need to stop thinking about that crossroad right now. : )

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