Saturday, January 28


Besides the fact that the title makes me really want some sort of cream-filled cupcake... I want to put it out there that I think I'm a pretty darn good hostess. I love doing parties, from prepping to making sure everyone is taken care of throughout. However, you can't be much of a host or hostess when there are no guests.

Yeah, today was my first workshop of the year and only one guest was able to make it. It actually ended up being okay because FMIL and I were able to dote upon her and we all had a lot of fun free-styling the two projects I put together. We were able to take our time and explore new techniques which is sometimes difficult with a large group. Plenty of yummy snacks for us too. :P

I made the comment earlier today saying thank goodness this wasn't something like homecoming or prom because I would have been devastated back in the day. While I was disappointed that this didn't work out well, we managed to make the very best of the situation. It was just another moment that I realized how much I've grown as a person. Especially in terms of confidence and I'm pretty proud of myself for that.

I totally understand that life happens and a get-together like this is a luxury. I have no idea how people manage to throw parties though. I haven't had a terribly amount of luck yet but maybe if I keep trying and refining this craft, once a grand one comes together, I'll be an expert. It's probably for the best because party food can be pretty expensive and I like to go all-out but really cannot afford to for now.

Another silver lining is that FMIL and I discussed it this morning and we're both game to try for turning this into a two day event so if anyone can make it tomorrow at the same time, we'll be ready. Chances are we'll have another one sometime next month because there is such a great promotion going on for people who like to stock up or get free stuff.

Candies, quiches, raspberries, and homemade Chex mix. Yum! I just had to mention the snacks because I enjoy being a hungry, hungry hippo.


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