Friday, January 20


My brain decided not to join the party that was the day today.

So while I was working on finishing my homework for this week, I somehow found two girls on YouTube with totally different styles and I was fascinated with watching their videos from the first video of each that I saw.

They are some of the top females: JennaMarbles and MichellePham. The former is a raunchy real-talk vlogger and the latter is a beauty guru. Very different ends of the spectrum but so far I have adored it all.

I think why I've hesitated subscribing to many females on YT has been partly due to... the potential of getting jealous because I'll find myself comparing myself to how they have chosen to present themselves online? We're programmed to compete and that leads to an awful lot of judging. Jenna actually made a video about the subject.

There are studies coming out now that say there's a correlation between the number of friends you have on FB and how sad you are. This would be due to how people do their best to portray their lives as much more glamorous online and when you compare your lives to theirs it gets depressing. I'm no better. Even with this blog. I'm not as blatant or crass as I tend to be at times or as ridiculous (hard to believe huh?). Sometimes that helps me practice reigning in my anger when all I want to do is rant to the world but overall I've been pretty good about at least leaving myself subtle hints about the details behind the events so I can remember exactly what made me feel this way.

I'm not sure where I'm going with this. I'm very tired and tomorrow I need to finish up my assignments, grocery shop for the special dinner, and clean like a madwoman. Joy. :P

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