Thursday, January 5

A Brief Moment

A brief moment of silence for my cherry tomato plants. They are no longer.

Yesterday, we came to the consensus that it was probably best to let these annuals go for the winter and I'll start another plant or two in mid-spring (like I'm supposed to). The top younger leaves looked almost black from possible frost damage, there were still a handful of small tomatoes trying to make a last ditch effort to grow, and the bottom branches were all pretty yellow and dead.

So, out I went with my new shears and trimmer to hack Phineas, Ferb, and Perry the cherry tomato plants into itty-bitty pieces. I took out a clump of roots, put some of the plant matter back into the pots, and the rest of it went into a shallow ditch I had dug underneath where the pots were kept. Just trying to replenish a few nutrients into the old soil. What else am I going to do with it all? Lol.

Sigh. I miss them already... :( But they shall be reincarnated in a few months and hopefully, I can be much better about starting my seeds off at the appropriate times to ensure a much more sensible harvest season. Crossing me fingers that I don't somehow forget or something crazy happens that takes up all of my spare time. Ooo, I might have just jinxed that. I hope not. I'm pretty sure I'm making it worse...

Alright! I think I'll just stop myself and finish up those cake pops.

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