Monday, January 23

Year of the Dragon!

Happy New Year! Chúc Mừng Năm Mới!

I'd go into more about the holiday, you have the internet and can get to it faster than I can with my mind right now. I am wiped!

I was still feeling the effects of the past two days of caffeine overload when I woke up this morning. Got dressed in the Chinese-style traditional dress, complete with heels, grabbed my gear, and headed into school-work. I initially planned to definitely go to three classrooms expecting to stop by or be asked by a few more.

Well, I ended up doing mini presentations in every single classroom at the school. It was interesting picking my brain to tailor my spiel for preschoolers through fifth graders. I also had nothing but bring the materials and the concept of showing them to the kids in mind until I started opening my big fat mouth in the first classroom.

I brought the other dress, the packs of lucky red envelopes, pictures of my family wearing their versions of the outfit, the round paper lantern, my brothers big red Kung Fu fan, and a fragile wooden fan with a fragrant smell. I have ideas of what I would change (like preparing my info ahead of time XD) for next time already.

I talked about the zodiac animals, what year it was, about various new year celebrations and traditions, and answered various question the kids had while looking at the items that I brought. They did so well with handling the objects, paying attention, thinking things through, and asking pretty darn good questions. I was very proud of them all and it was so well worth the effort. Sharing is caring and it seemed that it was informative and fun for kids and adults. So many faces lit up learning and ugh. Maybe this is just another sign that I'm heading in the right direction in terms of a career.

Here's to happiness, health, and wealth while celebrating the new and honoring the past.

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