Wednesday, January 25

Clean Slate

Not in reference to removing drama from my life (that's an ongoing process, lol) but the fact that I'm paying attention to more and more beauty advice on YouTube. I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to make-up and have made it up as I go with sub-par results. Same goes with skincare and haircare. I don't do much more than some form of soap and water.

Well, little by little, I want to learn how to take care of myself more. Starting from the most prominent and part of myself that I'm the least familiar with/ confident of: my face. I have struggled with bad acne since I hit puberty. Or puberty hit me. Hard. Combine that with almost non-existent self worth and thick glasses for most of my life and I came to the realization in the past five years that I was unfamiliar with my own face. I didn't recognize myself, avoided mirrors and pictures as well as walked with my head down.

Thank goodness that I'm growing out of that. It's taken tons of conscious effort, seeking help, and learning about myself. Now that I've gotten to know myself and have grown much more comfortable being me, I want to start working hard on becoming the best me. Blah, blah, blah, insert the spiel about being the only me there is in the world. :P

Anyways, I'm starting with improving my skin on my face. One of the times that I went to visit my folks, my mom let me know that one of our favorite moisturizers was back in a much more attainable and modern form. I loved the smell when my mother used it when she would get ready and she put some on me on special occasions. I absolutely adore it and I'm still using it:

I guess they don't go by "Oil of Olay" but that's understandable I suppose. This is from their Regenerist product line- Deep Hydration Regeneration Cream. I love the smell, it's that light pink texture like I always remembered it, and my skin feels so silky smooth moments after I put it on. So I've had this but I'm getting better about using it more consistently because it's the desert. Lol.

Decided the other night to try a facial cleanser and/or scrub and I was aiming at trying a few items from the Aveeno line but then I saw this:

It used to be called their Dual-Action Cleanser + Pore Scrub but now is their Pore Minimizing Cleanser + Scrub. There's some logic in my head that I should keep with the same brand at least in the beginning. I've tried it twice now after getting it yesterday and omg! My skin feels so nice and baby soft and I don't think I'm even using it properly yet. XD I having a little trouble adding enough water to make it really foam up. My face feels heavenly after using both and I keep petting my cheek but know that I shouldn't because I'm just getting junk back in there. So far, I highly recommend them. I feel clean and soft so we'll if I feel any different after using it more.

Soon, I'll get brave enough to try to techniques for applying my makeup. That should be a boatload of fun!

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