Tuesday, January 10

Modern Twists

I've pretty much been up to the same old stuff but can report that I'm a third of the way through editing all of my blog pictures!

There are roughly over 1400 images (not including about a hundred duplicates) and I may trash a few more along the way. It sounds like a lot but it's just really tedious and I have so many more photos on my external hard drive, so that's just a sizable dent.

Anyways, I share some music I had been listening to yesterday and mentioned that I haven't fallen in love with anything new in a while. Well, I found something today and think it's amazing!

Hear me out. It's a group of young Australians who are classically trained musicians. They like to do covers of modern pop and R&B songs. A perfect combination of two of my musical loves.

I found out about the group through a new collaboration cover video they did with the R&B group, AHMIR:

I also love how they mention a ton of other YouTubers in their personal rap. I'm already subscribed to most of them!

My favorite video from Aston? I'm torn between their classical cover of La Roux's "Bulletproof":

... and their video of Coldplay's "Viva la Vida"!

They also recently did a fan-supported epic music-story video dedicated to Lady Gaga's music called "Monster Symphony." I'm just going to post the link instead because the cinematography had my heart pounding. I'm a wimp when it comes to suspense and related theatrics, lol.

Back to editing!

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