Wednesday, January 11


Is it odd that one of the activities the SO and I do to spend time with each other to bond is play video games?

When we realize we haven't done something together besides exist (which is nice in its own familiar and comforting way), we'll turn to a screen. In many ways, plugging into technology does remove interpersonal social interaction that we as a society need, but I think in some cases, it really can bring people closer together.

We're not hardcore gamers. I love food, sleeping, and crafting too much. Plus, I lack the innate skills of  hand-eye coordination and strategizing to ever become actually good at any game- electronic or not. We're just goofs with stubborn streaks and open-minds. It's also how we met and became friends several years ago.

Granted, because of how different our thought processes are, we often aggravate each other but it's just another venue that we realize that we're going to eventually come to the same conclusion or learn something new. I can feel the residual blood vessel-throbbing in my temple now as I recall many a time we drove each other nuts in game.

I am a weird cookie though. I'm satisfied with watching others play video games and I get just as much entertainment. Maybe it's part of my way of accepting I'll never be as coordinated, lol.

It's a delicate line to tread because there seem to be many more horror stories about becoming a widow(er) to technology but I think we have found a careful balance. Mostly. It is also very handy to have someone who understands the obsession/ hobby because when he can't pay attention because of a boss fight, I'm fine with waiting a few minutes or saying what I need to say in a way that he can absorb and vice versa.

That and I'm a terrible potty-mouth when I'm working on something intense, like killings scores of baddies or you know, beating a pinata with a shovel, or something. >_>

Lol, that's all from me today.

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