Saturday, January 7

Those Summer Days

When I hit a creative block with the paper crafting projects last night and my personal scrapbook the night before, I resolved to tackle head on the major scrapbooking project I've had shelved for the past few months.

My mother saw my scrapbook from our trip to Texas and thought it would be nice to have something like it for the summer of a bunch of her nieces, nephews, and children visiting her over this past summer.

I have to compare notes and memories with my state-born cousin and my brother after gathering all of the pictures I could from the times that I wasn't physically there for (thank you, FB-stalking) and it's been pretty... interesting. Lol.

As I was logging onto FB to send a message to my cousin, she logged onto Skype (an instant messenger) and I greeted her with: "COUSIN! I require your assistance!" XD I think I'm hilarious. This was after a morning of texting pages upon pages back and forth with my brother.

At the "end" of the day, I have at least three pages of typed notes from those two and a half months and I'm scribbling more details in as I continue to chat with both. I am a stickler for details but it's worth it in the end. At least, for a project like this, lol.

My next big step will be to pour over what pictures I was able to digitally gather from different cameras and figure out a system to sort them out. After sorting them out, I'll have to then decide which I would want to use in the scrapbook. That doesn't even mean all of those will make the cut. Sigh. I suppose every scrapbooker has to go through these steps but I'm sure there's a better way. Unfortunately, I highly doubt that said methods would work for me because I'm neurotic like that. :P

Around that point, I'll probably do a few rough sketches to figure out an estimate of how many pages each event will need.

... And now I'm dreading figuring out layouts. I can't seem to just plug into layout maps that are all over the internet. I insist on developing a layout by taking my cues from the photos I have and really want to use. I can't imagine doing it any other way with how my brain works, but maybe someday I'll be brave enough to try!

I need to get back to it now but

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