Wednesday, January 18

Seeing Red

I have a few ideas of what to post today.

Maybe talking about my new budget-tax-financial organizational system. Mostly because I'm really enjoying my new accordion file folder.

Or about the craft goods that arrived in the mail today. The results have been absolutely beautiful with little to no effort from me.

Instead, I have been so filled with rage for the past few hours that I couldn't even calm down enough to read from my textbook or continue testing out my new toy. If I was tired before, I'm now exhausted.

The breaking point is drawing near and who knows what damage I'll leave in my wake let alone what would be salvageable. I'm the type that once I go over the edge, I don't hold back and in the end and aftermath, I'm too prideful and stubborn to regret any of it. Plus, it takes so long and so much to get to that point that not too many people blame me for my everlasting wrath.

This goes against my goals that I've been talking about and confirms my fore-warnings.

The only thing that I have been able to do is love upon the kitty, discuss my feelings with the SO, and sing my heart and/or cry my eyes out to music and music videos online.

I found a super touching video earlier and need to share it with you soon. Tears. So many tears even before I was set off today.

The good things in life really are free and grounding. And just good. Love and the joy of music.

Heh, I didn't think I'd get to a better state of mind before heading off to bed. I really have grown up. Just a little. :P

Thanks for hanging in there.

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