Thursday, May 17

Another Day

It was another day of going out to have lunch with my brother, hanging out with friends, coming home exhausted by 11:30pm, and thoroughly loving it.

While no activity has lasted as long as I wanted it to, the fact that I've been able to get my fix of a bunch of people has been so great. Checking out and playing video games together and indulging in yummy food everywhere are just some of the best things in life and what I miss the most while so far away. We had a great time celebrating a birthday today!

I'm also working on a few new Flat Stanley figures because I'm having technical difficulties photographing my second version. My brother and I hope to take a field trip or two this weekend by using FS as inspiration to explore our own backyard.

Even though the atmosphere around the house is still pretty awkward, we're trying to make the best of my time here. I finally got to hang out with my mom late last night into the wee hours. I had just written about being disappointed in not being able to spend time with her just before it happened! Yay!

Neither of us could sleep despite being exhausted so we gravitated and were miserable together. It worked out wonderfully because it's the first time we got to sit down and have an actual conversation in the week that I've been here. She even helped me assemble and finish the main church photo album. Our conversations at this point in our lives are pretty hilarious, full of substance and real life advice/ facts/ situations, and have the oddest path. It's taken a lot of time and effort to get to this point, but it's fantastic. The only thing I would change about it is extending it!

I need to be more consistent with my coffee-lifeblood. I don't understand how casual fun activities are leaving me brain-dead each night. I have not worked on any of the projects I had reserved for doing during my downtime on this trip, but I think I'll panic about that later. This is the closest I'm getting to a vacation this year and will treat it as such!

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