Monday, May 14

Hooded Pocket Scarf

I finished this (mostly) before I left for Florida: My Kitty Hooded Pocket Scarf! It's the first piece that I did not directly use a pattern to make. I need to re-sew the ears when I get back but I'm pretty satisfied for my first attempt.

Used the biggest hook I had, which is only an "I" and the only size yarn I have, the worsted weight #4.

The pattern is:

Cast on 75 stitches, chain twice, turn, and double crochet until the end.
Repeat until 60 inches long.
The ears are harder to explain.
I cast on 15 stitches, chained once, turned, and half double-crochet across.
Chain once, turn, single-crochet decrease at each end but half-double crochet in the middle.
Chain once, turn, repeat this row.
Chain once, turn, single crochet decrease at each end but half-double crochet in the middle.
Chain once, turn, repeat this row.
Keep up this pattern until you finish the triangle with one single crochet decrease.

I folded the ends of the scarf in half and sewed them in an "L" pattern to make the pockets. Then, I sewed felt triangles to the ears before sewing them to the top of the scarf. I put them way too far apart and they stick out straight sideways. It's not very kitty like at all.

Things I would change?
The whole time I was making this, I thought this was just wide enough to cover the back of my head but now it's way long. It covers a decent section of my shoulders and overhangs in the front, like I wanted. I originally wanted to have it long enough that my arms could be straight while sticking my hands inside the pocket but most of the similar scarfs I was using for reference had the arms slightly crooked when using the pockets. Also just wanted to be done already, lol. So, not nearly as wide but a little bit longer.

It's very comfy and warm! Didn't end up using as much yarn as I thought I would, (five skeins of Caron's Simply Soft). I want to say I only used up three. Similar patterns used the Super Bulky size #6 yarn and something along the lines of a size "N" hook, but I had none of those things and I really wanted to try to make it. Most of these kinds of items are sewn from fleece, which seems a lot easier but It would be a pain to get to the sewing machine that we have now.

If you want to try this, please let me know if you have any questions!

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