Tuesday, May 22


The midnight release last night was amusing. About a dozen or so young guys waiting around. The most entertaining person there was an energetic and enthusiastic employee who was preaching and praising the awesomeness that was/is the Dragonball franchise.

My brother and I were knowingly nodding and giggling in the corner. After he got his placeholder ticket, we still had nearly two hours to kill before he could get the game, so we took a detour of sorts to the 24hr Walmart down the street. XD We got some snacks because my brother came ill-prepared for camping out, a Mancala set because we have yet to own one despite being a favorite, and two Disney-themed CDs for our road trip this weekend. He let me borrow his Nintendo DS and Kirby Superstar Ultra game after we came back to wait out the remainder of the time. He got his cool thing and has been playing it ever since.

I've spent most of the day visiting a friend I've known since fifth grade. It was awesome seeing how much her kids have grown! The last time I saw her little girl, I don't think she was walking yet! We played catch-up and after the kids went to bed, we headed out to dinner for a reunion! Yes, we pulled it off! Lol.

Four of us ladies reunited after nearly 12 years and it was so good to be together again. We were crazy and close in middle school, each went to different high schools, and virtually dropped off the map for the past six years. It's really odd summarizing the major events of your life for the past few years. Especially when it's to someone who understands you as a person but has had no idea what's been going on with you during that time. I'm really fortunate to know people that still truly care and don't judge no matter what crazy choices have been made or what conclusions have been reached. We were tempted to keep the party going afterwards but realized we were out in the middle of nowhere and it's a Tuesday night. There were not that many options and we all had things to do soon. Oh the joys of adulthood and growing older. :P

Tomorrow, I hope to spend more time with my mom on her day off, maybe do some karaoke in the evening with friends, and cramming in more visiting. I think I have just one week left here in Florida! Ack!

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