Friday, May 11

Back On Track

Yay! Free wi-fi at the hotel!

We've made it to our final destination after a few more blips.

After getting up early, we had some great breakfast thanks to a wonderful pair of parents, got a sneak peek at some manatee families right off of the shore, and headed out to pick up a friend from the airport in the next city over. Well, halfway there, we got a phone call that our beloved driver forgot her purse at her parents' condo in our rush. After finally meeting up with our other out-of-state friend, we headed back to Cape Canaveral, grabbed a potty break and the bag, and headed out once again.

The rest of the ride was pretty demure with everyone a bit run down and worn out. We tried to pull over for a rest stop at one point and couldn't make it out of the car because the area was teeming with love-bugs loving on each other. Had to drive to another town and run out of the vehicle to some shelter. We made great time due to a surprising lack of storms and traffic.

After unloading, we prepped the maid of honor and arranged to head to one of the two local malls for some last minute pieces needed before the celebration tomorrow evening. Spent a few hours there and while everyone else was getting clothing items, there was me with my squid-style surge protector so we could charge all of our phones and electronics from one of the few outlets we have in the room that we're all sharing. I brought an air mattress, as well as a few blankets and pillows.

Our little splinter group ate at the mall while many of the others were at the rehearsal and subsequent dinner. They started celebrating there and the party continued at the end of the hotel hallway in one of our groups' rooms. Luckily, most of us made it on the same floor. While we're taking the rare opportunity to party at the same time in the same place, I've taken on the job that the ladies make it back to their own rooms safely/ eventually. Lol. They have an early brunch tomorrow before heading out to get their hair done together.

We are all so very excited for these two to get married! I have my group safe and sound in our room, so I'm about to get some well-deserved and much needed beauty rest.

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