Friday, May 18

Drama Mama

My family actually got to sit and have dinner together tonight!

This is great despite the drama going on at home that we're all dealing with since it showed up on our doorstep on Tuesday. Some parties are trying their hardest to involve my family in a feud that has been going on for more than twenty years and we're not having any of it. It's tragic but it's gotten ridiculous. My dad had to leave early because the police wanted to follow up on some claims and yeah. Our patience has worn very thin. I would love to have the first floor of our house back.

My mom made the comment that I had brought the aura of drama with me from the desert and we had a good laugh about that one.

My brother and I spent more time together today playing different kinds of co-op video games and we had lunch with an amazing friend of mine. I have to say, it's such an honor to know such a ambitious and creative person. I'm so proud of her! Not only was it great to catch-up, she ended up dragging me to the mall in an attempt to find a few last minute pieces before she leaves on Sunday for Europe. She only plans to have a backpack, so we needed to make each piece count! In all of this, I somehow ended up having to try on dresses and getting a mini-consultation at a makeup counter. She's hard to say "No" to, so I didn't even try to fight it, lol. It was a fun kind of craziness. I fear for what would have happened if we had more time and choices. Let's skim over the fact that I later rushed back to the mall in torrential rain to get a security tag removed only to walk out 15 minutes later to nearly clear skies. These 30 minute suddenly rainstorms are weirding me out. XD

Now, after finishing up a few chores, I'm planning a field trip to an aquarium tomorrow with my brother! I cannot wait to figure out what we're doing and heading out!

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