Wednesday, May 9

Timing & Moments

Today has been a long day.

We were ready to head out to the airport about 30 minutes earlier than we had planned and then somehow managed to lock ourselves out on the porch. Thank goodness the SO recently foresaw this happening with the junky lock on the sliding glass doors and installed new keyed locks on the backyard gates a few weeks ago. It ended up not being a big deal, but it was just one of those "Really? Really now?" moments.

Yesterday, he spotted a quail that was strutting on the chain-link fence be snatched up by a big ole hawk. Whoops. Circle of Life moment.

While we were heading out, we spotted a quail couple hanging out inside my garden area! Those little wankers! The male was keeping watch for the lazy old dog, I suppose, while the female was going up and down the buffet line. Darned things. I love how pompous and awkward that they are, but really?! Sigh. It will be interesting to see what survives while I'm gone.

The flights were not too bad. I got out of town just in time. A 57 mph haboob tore through the north side. The northern part of the state has had a few of those in the past year, but they hadn't made it down south until now. We were delayed for less than 30 minutes in Houston, TX due to weather, and it had rained (of course) earlier in South Florida. I may have misjudged the time difference halfway and only had 25 minutes to get to my next gate before boarding started. Fun, fun. Brief seat mix-up made for an awkward and tense flight, but I'm here in the hometown now.

My eyes have very much welcomed the humidity.

I've haven't seen anyone else but my family yet and it was mostly a scramble of brief catching up before they had to head to bed and I had to start prepping for the road trip tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully, I'll be able to update and post in a timely manner. Heading from the Miami-area to Cape Canaveral, where they used to launch rockets into space but only launch cruise ships right now. I'm nervous, tired, and sore. It's a wonder I ever get anything done with how much of an anxious wreck I can be over the simplest things.

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