Wednesday, May 23


My poor mom was stuck at the doctor's office for hours today. Her one day off. :( We did get some more shopping done together, so that's always good. I'm almost set with a new wardrobe and it's adding to my motivation to go through my old clothes and see how much is worthy of donating.

Tonight, I've done something I have somehow managed to avoid all of these years: karaoke in person in public. I have performed solos on stage and sung along endlessly online but never this. It's always been in the comfort of (someone's) home, surrounded by people that I know well. Helping a friend support a friend, a few of us went to a sports bar and sang at least a song each. I know it probably wasn't the best choice to keep a party going, but I tried to do a song that I knew the tune to that was vocally safe. I ended up singing Brad Paisley's "Whiskey Lullaby" with the DJ helping me out with harmonies because it's originally a duet with Alison Krauss.

I adore this song so it helped with the bag of nerves I was on stage. It was a lot of fun, almost as awkward as I expected to be, and it's done! XP

On an unrelated note, I have to mentioned how sweet the SO has been. From humoring me with updates about the scorching temperatures at home, how his kitty is doing and what he's (the kitty) doing at that very moment, and about my garden that he's been looking after. He has even sent me pictures of new things that are happening in my little space and of the solar eclipse that I missed out on seeing. A lot of patience, that one has, lol.

I cannot believe I have a mere week left here. My brother and I are becoming very excited about our road trip to the central part of the state this weekend. I just hope that traffic isn't too crazy because of long holiday weekend.

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