Sunday, May 20

Back On Track

I finally got to spend some productive quality time with my mom today so it finally feels like an official visit to see my folks.

We shopped and got quite a bit of things that I've needed all before torrential rain started. I might be doing a mini haul soon. Mostly loose-fitting, flowing garments that I can throw on during the scorching hot desert summer.

The drama has temporarily subsided. Well, it's at least moved out of our house so we have access to the first floor again. My brother and I thoroughly enjoyed sprawling out on the couches and making couch-angels when my dad got home that day. He was actually amused by our antics. Unlike yesterday when I pulled one of these with his ringing cell phone:

Yeah, normally, I would have just answered it and walked them upstairs to him, but after all of the madness that has been going on lately (and the fact that I didn't recognize the name), I didn't want to. At least my brother and I were amused. 

I've started to tackle the summer vacation album from a year ago and am running into one snag after another but now I'm determined to get some work done on it. That may require me to learn two new editing softwares. Fun fun. It'll all be worth it. Still trying to assemble a few ladies together for a reunion that's been over ten years in the making. Also, planning out the roadtrip my brother and I are planning to take this weekend. I go crazy planning but when the time comes, I'm pretty zen about matters. I think my brother's a bit of the opposite, go figure. It'll all work out and be fun, I'm sure of it.

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