Saturday, May 12

Vlogging In The Cape

I'm probably celebrating the newly minted marriage of two dear friends right now, so I made to sure to have these quick vlogs to show you! A few different and little moments of the road trip we've taken so far that gives you a hint of how drastic the change has been between growing up in the developed swamp and moving out to the desert.

Rainstorm from my parents' backyard. May showers that started the hour we were slated to head out.

After perusing Ron Jon's Surf Shop, we found this little aquarium in the middle of another store. After snapping a few pictures with Flay Stanley, I made this:

Manatees grazing off shore at my friend's parents' condo in Cape Canaveral. Same spot as the video a few years ago.

Her parents love to watch these gentle giants every morning from their balcony. It gave us such a sense of peace.

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