Tuesday, May 1

Darn Yarn

Are you ready to peek into my thought process? It's a scary train ride that is often derailed or pulling bullet train speeds. At least this will be the polished version. I wanted to try to post something different than what I've been doing lately and this is something that I've been working on.

So, what happens when you combine a scarf - pockets - hood - and maybe some animal cuteness for good measure?

Well, as far as I know a "hooded pocket scarf" is the best name for it. That took a lot of searching to figure out. I had seen them around the internet but never knew the non-company name for them. Let's not discuss how much time, effort, and energy I put into finding out information like this. It's a typical scarf with pockets built into the ends that are often made to look like paws of animals and are often paired with fingerless gloves. These links are worth checking out to explain what I'm talking about!

They are typically sewn from fleece and I've seen the occasional polyester:
Ebay Link #1
Ebay Link #2

Those were the quickest images I could find. I've seen much cuter, but you get the idea, right? Adorable concept! Then, you take into account how I don't have the means or skills to sew right now so what to do but use yarn! I dunno, it was next best thing in my mind because I would love to be able to make them and right now. XP

At first, I found this wonderful pattern on an amazing website. Perfect! The pockets were even built into the sides like a sweatshirt hoodie. You make the scarf with pockets, the halves of the hood, and ears separately and sew them together in the end. So, I started on that last night with my skein of soft gray yarn. And after nearly an hour of knitting, I came to the re-realization that I am incredibly slow at knitting. I barely had two out of at least 60 inches done. This was going to take forever and a day. I already made that mistake once with my first knitting project. Ugh. So close and yet so far away.

After thinking long and hard about how to fix this issue, I realized: Well, duh. I can find a crochet pattern for this! I have a ton more practice with that! Again, we'll also ignore the time, effort, and energy I put into finding just the right patterns. Through this, I found a new great website for a ton of really nice crochet patterns! Many of them are free and the upgrade versions are patterns that you can buy. The closet I found to what I originally wanted was this pattern (that you have to pay for) with the pockets attached and no animal cuteness but a really nice texture. Then, I found this one that is super simple and explains how you just use a double crochet stitch (because you make one and it's nearly an inch tall and that means you finish quicker when you're focusing on length!) to make an extra long scarf, then just fold up the ends and sew them for the pockets. Well, duh. Why didn't I process that? During my research, a lot of the articles and patterns were telling me that to make a hooded scarf, just make an extra wide scarf to the size you want.

The the conclusion I reached from all of this information was to make an extra long and wide scarf and sew up pieces to make it into what I want! I'm using the biggest hook that I have (size I or 5.5mm) but I didn't have any super chunky/ bulky yarn that they used to make the project go faster. I'm pretty much mashing information form at least five different places to make up whatever I'm doing right now. If this works, I think that means I would have developed my very first own pattern! Of course, if that's the case, I'll share what I figure out here.

I cannot wait! I have used up an entire skein of yarn already and it got me about one-fifth of the way there. Picked up some more today. Squee! I'm so excited. I'd take a picture to show my progress so far but um... it's literally a gray rectangle that's about the size of a large placemat. Not that interesting, lol. I love figuring out how to make projects like these, it happens with cooking too. Tangent. XD

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