Tuesday, May 29

The Night Before

May or may not get some sleep tonight because tomorrow is travel day.

Thankfully, my flight is in the early evening so that gives us a few precious hours for last minute rushing around.

Time has kind of flown here and I've started my panicking last night about everything I need to do to pick up my life again out in the desert. It was not a pretty sight.

Was able to squeeze in a few more goodbyes and they seemed sadder than usual. I think time and growing up does that somehow.

I don't think I have a terrible about of packing to do with my one checked bag. It's the peripherals that I'm worried about. I tend to carry those on my poor back and shoulders. Eh, time will tell.

In the meantime, here's another video that has popped up about packing! What are the odds? :P Being a girl is crazy. Language warning.

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