Friday, May 25

On The Road Again

My brother and I are driving all over Central Florida today. I have forgotten how much traffic, impending bad weather, a long holiday weekend, and the people around here can drive you absolutely bonkers.

Plus, make you terribly late to everything. I cannot stand how late I've been to nearly everything lately and feel terribly about it. Thankfully, I have some really awesome and patient friends. I'm trying my best to see as many people as possible before I leave next week! Crossing my fingers that we can get back on track and that we aren't too badly affected by the start of Hurricane season. It won't officially start until June 1st, but we're on our second named storm already. We are predicted to have high chances of Thunderstorms but I think the areas we'll be in over the next few days skirt just below the forecast are for Subtropical Storm Beryl.

Please enjoy this fun cover of Adele's "Rumour Has It" by the talented Chester See and Andy Lange.

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