Wednesday, May 16

Florida By Flat Stanley

Had a chance to go through some of my own pictures today as I assembled an album for my folks' church activities.

Didn't get a chance to hang out with my mom today and that got me pretty bummed. She's a huge reason why I like to visit for extended periods of time.

My brother and I hung out with my fabulous friend and watched Adventure Time! I think we got him hooked! We also went to a pet store, the toy store (where I found many things that I was way too excited about- such as a Perry the Platypus karaoke machine- don't get me started), and a few hobby-comic book stores.

Either way, I think Flat Stanley's pictures tell a pretty good story about what being here has been like. I didn't get him with the gaggle of geese that were in the driveway earlier today though. They were having none of that and I like having all of my digits. No, these are not all of the pictures I've taken so far. They're not even all of the ones featuring Mr. FS.

Our flight to Florida left on time that Wednesday morning.
FS liked checking out the small plane that we were going to be in.
We found out where those *ahem* interesting golf pants came from.
 We rushed through Houston airport.
 Got on a bigger plane that was delayed due to bad weather.
 Arrived in Florida right before the rain started. The road trip started like this too.
Sunsets here are sure different-looking than in the desert.
 After more than four hours in the car, we made it to Cape Canaveral on Thursday night.
 The sunset here was just as pretty.
 FS met a new friend, Cody the Cat.
They became close friends very quickly.
Even played a game of Hide and Seek.
 That night, we visited the Ron Jon Surf Shop and met even more new friends.
 FS had a hard time deciding which board to get.
FS thought this little nurse shark was so cool.
 The next morning, FS spotted something moving in the water.
 It was a pod of manatees!
They came to say, "Hello!"
 During the next four hours of driving, FS noticed that Northern Florida looked very different than South Florida.
 We also collected too many lovebugs. It was pretty gross.
 FS also found a wolf spider during one of the stops.
We have these in the desert too!
 During the weekend, we had a lot of fun.
 But FS loved to relax at the comfy hotel room too.
Sunday morning, FS had to decide which breakfast to have before driving 8 hours back south.

To Be Continued... :P

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