Wednesday, May 2

Focus & Flowering

In the midst of celebrating FMIL's birthday today and we're going to look at some fun yarn because she's a knitting fiend and I'm an excellent shopping enabler.

I did manage to shoot a quick vlog in the garden today!

It's amazing how much stuff you can get done when you're caffeinated to high heck and don't sit down all morning. I have receipts sorted for the past two and a half months, cleared off the nightstand and table that have turned into my impromptu office spaces (it gets full of crazy high piles of my multitude of projects), laundry put away, garage storage tidied, my phone list backed up, and all sorts of (not-so-fun) chore-like things. Then there's dinner tonight and getting everything ready to pack. Joy of joys.

I'm going to be flying across the country in less than a week! That thought hit me today and I'm panicking. If you couldn't already tell. :P Dealing with airports makes me a nervous wreck, but I have gotten so much better about it in the past few years! I was sobbing when my best friend dropped me off the first time I flew alone. It's not like I'm scared of flying, that process I'm actually okay with. There is just something about the process of getting from your comfy home to flying on the airplane that terrifies me. I start shaking, crying, and hyperventilating from anxiety. However, I have survived a couple of mishaps with help from some really nice and good people and on my own since that point and now I can silently freak out instead. The things I do to see the people I love in person, lol.

Anyways, while I go freak out some more:

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